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System .85 / Finder 1.0

This version came from the Macintosh Guided Tour disk. The Guide Tours System file was never meant to run anything else that the tour. The Finder is launched from the tour menu.

The Macintosh Guided Tour disk allowed the Mac user to get familiar with the new feature of the Macintosh - the mouse!
The mouse was a foreign device in 1984, now days it is second nature. The tour included an audio tape cassette which allowed the Mac user to get familiar with the new interface.

Here is the desktop, check out the different icons for the System files!
Macdes85.gif (6122 bytes)

Compare it to System 1.0 / Finder 1.0 desktop
S97Desk.gif (5650 bytes)

I wonder why the Finder gave up it's more accurate icons for the simpler ones...

Plus, why was the Finder in both names 1.0?
• Icons were changed.
• No (Unknown Disk) in the final version.
• About box was changed. The one included with System .85 had an unique mountain scene,
    different that the mountain  scene in Finder 1.1.
• The earlier Finder about box gave credit to the programmers.
• The dates are different.
• "The Macintosh Finder" vs. "Finder"

I believe that the System 1.0(.97)'s Finder had bug fixes which corrected the System .85's Finder. Any version that shipped would be called 1.0, it was the first "public" release of the Finder.

When the Finder was updated to 1.1, the About box's mountain scene was redesigned

I would not use this System to produce "real" work. ;)

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