The Mac 512 was created to share experiences with "the greatest show on earth!" The Macintosh really revolutionized the computer industry with the graphical user interface, mouse and built-in networking.

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A brief statement on technology-

As computer technology evolves, eventually people will not remember its origin and the beginning of the way we use computers. I hope that this web site gives those who did not experience it firsthand, a chance to see it the best way we can now days.

I have used many computers and technologies in my time. I am lucky that I will see even more in the next 40 years to come! I hope that the greatness and passion of the way the computer interfaces with us is taken and expanded where we talk and listen to communicate with the computer. There are some technologies like this but not to the extreme I'd like to see.

From time to time I will find a better way to present this site with you. Either by enhancing it or even changing it, I hope you will learn something that you didn't know before.

I hope your experience with this page was well worth your time! Thanks for coming!

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