iDisk Basics

Apple will send to you updated and new Mac OS X applications through your iDisk. Lets see how you can access these jewels.

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Opening up your Home Folder
The first step is to open up your home area.

Double click on your main hard drive. The following window appears:

Then click on the Home button. Leave this window open.
Opening up iDisk
Select the Go menu, then choose iDisk

This will mount the iDisk to your desktop. Once is it there double click on it to open your iDisk. (It will have your user name as the name of the iDisk.)

This main iDisk folder will appear:

The Software folder had the updated Mac OS X applications inside of it. Double click on it. Follow the trail of windows below.

What's New - Lists all new applications - iTunes, iMovie and AppleWorks updater is in here.
Members' Favorites - Someone else picks their favorites,
Software Library - This hold all of the software available that you want to download and try out!

Double click on What's New!:

Now drag and drop the files to your Home window (we opened it in step 1 above), downloading will start.

Have fun with your new applications!!

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