Mac OS X (System Software 10)

Welcome to this special report on Mac OS X. When Apple released the final release to the public on March 24, 2001, the world would now have the most powerful operating system with the most powerful graphical user interface!

Some of you are wondering, System Software 10?? When Macintosh was released the operating system was called System. During the middle of the 1990s, Apple decided System was too confusing and adopted Mac OS. Natural progression lead to Mac OS X.

First of all, this will not be the most up-to-date web site with Mac OS X information. If you are looking for that, please look in the links section below. This Mac OS X site will focus on my experiences and my opinions with Mac OS X.

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Don't forget: Apple is making available Mac OS X versions of iMovie 2, iTunes, and a preview of AppleWorks 6.1!! Go to the Apple Mac OS X web site link below and download them or look on your iDisk!

Learning the Basics
Learn about the basic parts to Mac OS X.

Mac OS X Basics

iDisk Basics

Apple Mail for Mac OS X

Mail for Mac OS X FAQ

Mac OS X Classic

My opinions
Is Mac OS X right for you?

Mac OS X elves??

Other Mac OS X resources
If you are having a problem with Mac OS X - first to check out and search for "Mac OS X 10.0".

If you are looking for other Mac OS X resources, check these out!

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