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Apple Watch – A stand for a little money #apple #applewatch #iwatch

I went ahead and bought a stand for my Apple Watch. This is an emerging accessory area that many companies are PRICE GOUGING!Apple Watch Stand Spigen

I went with a no-name manufacturer called Spigen and bought this from Amazon for $19.95.

It is aluminum with a black plastic top part that you put the Apple Watch power connector in. Save yourself some money and get this one as it is available now.

Let’s compare the competition. Some are also aluminum, others are wood, and others are plastic:

Nomads version is $59.95

Griffins version is $29.99 ( this one is not too bad priced)

DoDoCases version is $99.95

Poetics is $19.95

The ones on Kick-starter that I have seen are also super expensive.



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Apple Watch Sport – Fifth day and long battery life tips #AWS #apple #applewatch #iwatch #battery

Battery life is an important thing, for me, in using my iPhone and my Apple Watch. I have been fortunate that with my decision of smartphones (all iPhones) and the non-need to be notified every second of my life has worked out that usually I don’t have to charge my iPhone more than once every 20 hours with normal use.

Normal use for me is: check email manually (I check it a few times a day); Tapatalk and Facebook (a few times a day); surfing web pages; updating my web site; and checking my fitness/health.

What is out of normal for me is: watching Videos (twice a week for an hour and a half each time); playing music; using directions with the Map app; using the Workout app (walking daily); and video game playing (RuneQuest for instance).

So through that I have been able to extend this to my Apple Watch. Right now I can get two days worth (12 hours a day) out of a single charge. How I accomplished this is to first tell all Apple Watch compatible apps: Not install by default, turn off “Mirror iPhone Alerts from” for the apps I don’t want to notify me on the Watch, and turn off apps I don’t need to appear in my Glances on the Watch.Apple Watch Power Reserve at 10% message Pretty simple but it works. Any day can be a combination of normal and out of normal.

A normal two day pattern for me is to (using Apple Watch 1.0)

  • Get up and put my Watch on (take it off the charger) after I get dressed at 7am (100% battery power left)
  • At 8pm I put my Watch away as I won’t be needing it anymore by putting it into Power Reserve Mode (56% battery power left)
  • At 7am the next day reboot it at 7am (54% battery power left)
  • At 8pm put it on the aluminum charging stand (The watch turned on the Power Reserve Mode automatically at less than 3% battery power left. I skipped the 10% BRM notification. I don’t know at what percent when it turned BRM on but it did.)

I tested this again another set of two days (using Apple Watch 1.0.1):

  • Get up and put my Watch on (take it off the charger) after I get dressed at 7am (100% battery power left)
  • At 10pm I put my Watch away as I won’t be needing it anymore by putting it into Power Reserve Mode (57% battery power left)
  • At 7am the next day reboot it at 7am (55% battery power left)
  • At 7:30pm put it on the aluminum charging stand (3%)

I am consistently getting two days worth.

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Apple Watch Sport – Fourth day #AWS #apple #applewatch #spg #starwood @spg @starwoodbuzz #iwatch

Travel, travel, travel. I love travelling. Discovering new places or just re-visiting old stomping grounds is something I really like to do with my spare time.

So on this adventure I was over in Seattle, WA and decided to stay at one of my favorite hotel brands, W Hotels. W is a trendy luxury hotel chain owned by Starwood. They have a redemption program that lets you earn points by staying at their hotels.iPhone SPG Keyless Directions

So if you have a SPG account you can pre-register for SPG Keyless on your iPhone. It will generate your keys for your stay and let you populate that reservation in your Passbook.

You will be notified when you arrive at the hotel that check in is available, you just follow instructions on the iPhone SPG app and suddenly you have a room number. Just venture up to your room and your Apple Watch will display a message telling you that you can “tap to unlock the door”. You can also do this with your iPhone too.

Apple Watch W Seattle

Just hold up your Apple Watch, iPhone, or “traditional plastic card” key to the door and before you know it – green lights blink on the door and it unlocks. ULTRA COOL!

Apple Watch SPG Keyless

If you every forget your room number you can also show that on your Apple Watch by going into the SPG Glance.

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Apple Watch Sport – Third day #AWS #apple #applewatch #iwatch #delta

My third day with the Apple Watch was a busy one. I was traveling so I will talk about my experience with the Delta app.

Normally, when I arrive in the airport I am already checked in through the iPhone’s Delta app. Today was no different. I proceeded to the TSA security and gave them my Passport and scanned my iPhone with my ticket information. TSA needed to verify my ticket information on my iPhone to make sure it matched my Passport. Then onward to the scanner. I put my iPhone and Apple Watch into my carry on bag and scanned it like normal.  No issues doing it this way. Plus it is harder to lift a bag than a watch.

What changed with my Apple Watch is no longer did I need to have my iPhone out while boarding the plane. I had my iPhone 6 Plus stored safely in my carry on bag. I just approached the scanner, brought the Watch and wrist up, swiped up to get to my notifications, tapped on the Delta notification, then swiped down to get to the QR code.

Turned my wrist down and scanned the QR Code and was on my way into the plane. This took maybe 2 seconds total.

The information on the Delta App boarding ticket is the same as the information on the iPhone Delta app.

All of the attendants “guarding” the scanner thought that was cool and quick. One even said they will have to get an Apple Watch to speed up their travels.

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Apple Watch Update 1.0.1 out now #AWS #apple #applewatch #iwatch

I have to interrupt my scheduled Apple Watch first looks by letting you all know update 1.0.1 is now available for your Apple Watch.

Besides Siri and performance improvements, Third Party App speed improvements!

I did not have any issue with waiting for my third party apps to load as I quickly relized (thanks to the Delta app last week in my trip to Alaska) that if I loaded the Delta App from the Apple Watch, it took a long time. If I had the Delta App on my iPhone 6 Plus open already, the wait time was drastically shorten to a few seconds.

Fitness app and other health improvements are included.  If you use your Apple Watch for a health band, you will need this update.

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Apple Watch Sport – Second day #AWS #apple #applewatch #iwatch

I am going to just jump into what I did today. But I will tell you I am now referring to my Apple Watch as THE WATCH. This is the one watch to rule tham all. Sorry Omega, your watch that I own is now sleeping in my drawer from now on.
Siri and Reminders

Used my voice to add reminders. Saying “Hey Siri”, following by “Remind me to pack my Apple Watch charger when I get home” prompts Siri to Open the reminders app, create a new reminder, put the text in there, attach the location of my home, and save it. Within seconds. This is a great time saver and I can do it faster than I can type it.


Holy moley! Open the Maps app, use Force Touch to bring up the Search option, and tell The Watch with my voice where I want to go. Then tap Start and I am on my way. What I like the most is I will be tapped on my wrist and a sound will play to let me know to turn. I just glance at The Watch to see which way to go. Simple. The time savings is tremendous.


I am usually not too concern with my health. When I received my iPhone 6 Plus I started to use the Health app and thought that was something I need to start to focus on. The useful information really helped me hone in what I need to do more of – Activity.  The Activity and Workout apps on The Watch really have helped me stand more and get moving more.


When I take my Apple Watch off to show others I need to put in a passcode. This makes sure that if I take it off and someone steals it I don’t have to worry my personal data is going to be lifted.


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Apple Watch Sport – First day #AWS #apple #applewatch #iwatch

Apple Watch Sport Space Grey

The first day was getting used to how to operate it. I think it is very simple and there is a new world of scrolling with the crown, force touching, and swiping. Once you get used to it how the Apple Watch works, it is second nature. Just like learning how to use your first iPhone.
I was promised to get my Apple Watch Sport Space Grey 42″ (yea, the most popular one) on May 13th. I ordered it on April 10th at 12:02am. I was not real happy that I could not get it right away but after reading the reports of this Space Grey model sold out immediately I was ok. I received it on May 7th!  Thank you Apple for the early free next day air shipping!
The watch is comfortable with the black rubber strap snugly to my wrist. Usually bands like the stainless steel or leather slid around a bit on my wrist and I need top “shake then” to re-position that watch. This is the main reason I stopped wearing watches a few years ago. All of the re-positioning.
I will test a few stainless steel (space grey and space black) bands and leather bands with the necessary The Click! 22mm watch band adapter when I receive it next month or so. Stay tuned!
Set Up

The setup was real easy, just point my iPhone to the watch when prompted and bam! Instant connection. I prefer not having to pay an additional fee to use my Apple Watch so the relationship you need between the iPhone and the Apple Watch is necessary to me. If the Apple Watch had it’s own cell chip for making calls and view data on it’s own would require you to have an additional cell charge (or the only cell charge).
The first thing I did with the Apple Watch app on my iPhone was to turn off all of the notifications I don’t need to know about. The only time now when my Apple Watch notifies me is for: Meetings, turn by turn directions (when using the Map app for directions), iMessages, and when to stand up. This is by MY design and I thank Apple for this layer of customization.
Apple Pay

AWESOME! Once you add your card to the Apple Watch app on my iPhone, it was: Order my food. Double click on the lower button, hold watch right next to the credit card swiper on the restaurant counter, wait for the tap on my wrist and a beep. It took less time to perform the payment than it took me to write this. Best time saver ever. The restaurant cashier told me, “Way cool! Is that the Apple Watch?  Amazing! This is the first time I saw one of those.” Samsung and Google time to copy this!



Real easy, just put the charger cord in the power plug and plug it into the wall. Then put the magnetic charger on the back of the Watch. I preordered a watch stand that will embed the charger. That will make charging even easier. I will get this in June.
I will be traveling with the Apple Watch Sport soon and I will keep you posted.

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Support @get_click, I did. Last day on KS #applewatch #iwatch #kickstarter has a 22mm watch band adapter for the new Apple Watch. You need it to be able to use more bands easily. Just slide the old band with the Click adapter from the Apple Watch and slide the new band and Click adapter into the Apple Watch. 


I supported the project for my new Apple Watch Sport Space Grey. 


Support thier kickstarter today as it end tonight!

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Apple Watch alternative bands #applewatch #apple #iwatch #watch

Now that I have my Apple Watch Sport (Space Grey) on order, I would like to dress it up a bit with a nice band. When I go out on a date at a nice restaurant, a sport band is out of place. I need a nice leather or metal band.

From talking with an Apple Store sales associate the metal link bands are made out of 100 pieces. 100 pieces! Wow. That surprised me. The process takes 9 hours to cut one link band. 9 Hours! Wow. That surprised me again.

With the Space Black link band from the Apple Watch line not being able to be ordered unless you order the whole $1099 Space Black Apple Watch. What can you do? Off to Bing-ing the internet! (Yes, I actually said that.)

What I ended up doing was to go to Kickstarter and backing “The Click – the first watch band adapter for Apple Watch”. I was an early adopter and for $25 (with shipping) so I will get a space grey aluminum adapter with the space grey link band they have available. This will look nice and the cost savings is tremendous.

They have leather and stainless steel link bands available.

Would I buy a stainless steel Apple Watch in the future? Yes. After seeing them they are very nice looking but for now the Apple Watch Sport is a good entry into this new world.

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Apple Watch sells out in 2 hours

Love it or hate it but the Apple Watch has sold out their initial inventory with more coming rapidly. I know you already heard that. My Apple Watch Sport Space Grey ($399) has a arrival date of 4-6 weeks (Late May) and I ordered it within the firest 2 minutes (2:02a – 2:03a).


Now orders still are coming in and expected wait times (as of 12:30p CST) is now June for the majority of the watches.

I will bet all of the Google-sheep and Microsheep are cringing that this is a larger success than Android Wear and Micosoft Band,

I have even read news articles saying “no one is buyin the Apple Watch because there are no long lines in front of the store.”  Really?  Those are only for appointments not actual sales since the Apple Watch is in a PRE-ORDER state.

Apple is one of the last great American companies that we should all support.

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