Village of Fenwich Title

The group owners of Village of Fenwich has decided it is time to disband the village. Some have left UO and I have relocated to Trammel in a nice Large Tower. Thank you all for visiting and participating in the jousting events.

I am leaving the pictures and events up so anyone can strow down "memory lane", including myself. Take Care! :)



We are pleased to announce that The Illustrious Toxic was crowned as our Summer Champion! Congratulations!!

More detailed information and pictures of the Summer Jousting Tournament


The Village of Fenwich is prod to annouce that the Glorious Lady Rose has completed her training. Lady Rose Is now a Mystical Tamer (115)! Congratulations Rose!

Here is a link to the portrait of the event, as it happened.

Past Accouncements:

Our Spring Jousting Tournament Champion is Lord Trakus! More detailed information is on our Spring Jousting Tournament page.

Where is Fenwich on the Malas map?

The village is comprised of four buildings. Each building had its own purpose.

Fenwich Castle - The main hustle and bustle of the village

The Holy Cathederal of Fenwich - A resting place for all citizens to pray.

The Dark Inn of Fenwich - A themed-hotel in the middle of all the action

Jousting Arena - The main event at Fenwich

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